Matt Neuburg’s Photo Album

I’ve taken a lot of photographs that I like, almost exclusively nature images. I started taking these photos in 1987, using film; in 2006 I switched to digital. I’ve digitised all my film negatives. All my favorite photos, drawn from both the scanned negatives and the more recent digital photos, are displayed in this photo album site. The photos are mostly dated, the place is given, and they are consistently tagged with keywords. Please let me know if you are able to identify a species that eluded me.

(If you like a photo and wish for a copy, I have the original much larger digital original, so that I can make prints and enlargements.)

Also displayed here are photos taken while riding dirt bikes in the back country of Southern California. The dirt biking photos are informational, not artistic; they are just snapshots taken mostly with my riding buddy John’s digital camera or with my iPhone, and are intended to show what the various trails are like and, I hope, how much fun they are.

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