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Figueroa Mountain (Catway)

A ride (2008:07:20) out the Catway, an easy jeep trail running along a ridge north from Figueroa Mountain road above Los Olivos.

Topo map showing the Catway. We rode north from Figueroa Mountain Road to approximately the end of the blue marking.

Matt, looking extremely smug, in his riding gear, with the bikes.

Jul 20 2008, 13:04:43

Okay, so the key feature of this ride is that if you go far enough you get an amazing view of Zaca Lake! This is particularly amazing because you didn’t know Figueroa Mountain was anywhere near Zaca Lake. But it is actually quite close if you take the back way. The Catway is the back way.

Jul 20 2008, 13:06:43

Zaca Lake again. This photo was taken while eating lunch on the grass. Without even getting up. Rough life, eh?

Jul 20 2008, 13:06:50

John is showing off the lake for us. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop eating, even for a moment. Hey, motorcycling makes you hungry!

Jul 20 2008, 13:07:29

I think right about this point I discovered that John’s camera has digital zoom. He had no idea. That’s because he’s never read the manual. And judging from his attitude, he isn’t going to, either.

Jul 20 2008, 13:07:40

Same thing with less zoom. A view sort of off to the right from where we’re sitting eating lunch.

Jul 20 2008, 13:41:32

Extremely artsy-fartsy shot even further to the right.

Jul 20 2008, 13:41:48

Same artsy-fartsy shot with digital zoom. Wow.

Jul 20 2008, 13:42:09

The bikes, perched triumphantly on the ridge.

Jul 20 2008, 13:47:13

Matt’s bike, admiring the view.

Jul 20 2008, 14:45:54

John’s bike.

Jul 20 2008, 14:46:06

The Catway! Looking back at the road we’ve just come out on, along the ridge.

Jul 20 2008, 14:46:22

Jul 20 2008, 14:46:43

View off the ridge one way or the other. I can’t remember.

Jul 20 2008, 14:47:02

Jul 20 2008, 14:47:24

In closing, an amazing panorama-type shot created by putting together four pictures. Looking northeast, I think, off the ridge, towards the San Rafael Wilderness. Notice the barren, burned look of the hills. Hmmm, burned… fire… Zaca Lake… Zaca Fire of 2007… could there be a connection?

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