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Hungry Valley

Hungry Valley (near Gorman on the 5) is a sort of Disneyland for dirt bikes and other offroad vehicles. We first visited 2010:03:14 (no EXIF dates in this set) and had a wonderful time; the weather was cool, the views were great, the trails were well kept, and yes, there was a certain amount of “traffic” but all the other vehicles were courteous and careful. We went out the Power Line Road and back, with some detours onto other trails. Since then we’ve been back twice (2010:06:15, and 2011:06:26 which is the source of the second group of photos here) and always had a good time.

Notice the well-kept trails, clearly marked with names, difficulty rating, and what kinds of vehicle are permitted on them.

John gets phone call in the middle of nowhere.

Our most recent visit: me, Haley, Kyle, and the wonderful trailer and truck as we get ready for riding.

Jun 26 2011, 13:43:52

This picture shows why we parked this time at Edison Campground: Haley was a complete beginner, and this area has lots of free-riding areas behind it where it’s easy and fun to practice and learn. She picked it up in no time at all.

Jun 26 2011, 13:44:01

While Kyle was teaching Haley to ride, John and Matt rode out Power Line Road. These next pictures are from the very end of Power Line Road, overlooking the 5.

Jun 26 2011, 14:41:23

Jun 26 2011, 14:41:31

Jun 26 2011, 14:41:38

Jun 26 2011, 14:41:50

Jun 26 2011, 14:42:03

Jun 26 2011, 14:42:15

Jun 26 2011, 14:42:34

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