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Upper Oso To Camuesa

A ride on Feb 24, 2013. This is what happens if you start at the same place as the Buckhorn ride, namely Upper Oso off Paradise Road, but when you get to the first ridge you go straight and down the other side rather than up and to the left. The ride stops at a gate, which is a real pity because if you could keep going you’d reach Mono Creek Campground, which we reached on a different ride from the other direction. Thus these are ultimately the same road, but a mile or two is inaccessible due to gates.

For a Google Map of this route, click this link.

On the right, you can see the end of the Divide Peak ride described in Mono Creek, Big Caliente, and Divide Peak. The road we’re on is the same as that road, but you can’t ride on the connection between them due to gates.

John shows off his new GoPro in the Upper Oso parking lot. We’re still learning how it works, so no videos from this particular ride.

Feb 24 2013, 12:43:16

At the other end of the ride, a manzanita in bloom.

Feb 24 2013, 14:01:28

This is the road not taken because you’re not allowed to take it.

Feb 24 2013, 14:01:41

Camuesa Peak. I have no idea what that smudge is (maybe a bird went by).

Feb 24 2013, 14:03:29

The gate.

Feb 24 2013, 14:03:58

The ridge, where this ride and the Buckhorn ride diverge.

Feb 24 2013, 14:30:24

At the same spot as the previous picture, looking the other way; John arrives at the ridge. Note the sign for Pendola to the right; you can’t actually get there from here, because of the gate.

Feb 24 2013, 14:30:28

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